Tech talk: Resilient and Global Active Analytics - An Introduction to High Availability with Kinetica

Juraj Kristofik
Solutions Architect
DATE / TIME: Wednesday, August 12, 10 AM PDT l 10 AM BST l 10 AM SGT
MEET THE HOST: Juraj Kristofik, Solutions Architect, Kinetica
Do you want to keep your data warehouse running no matter what? Do you want to reduce latency for a global community of users? In this Tech Talk we’ll explore the advantages of high availability (HA) and global replication to keep systems running all the time. What happens if you lose a data center? We’ll share how you can deliver global applications with disaster recovery and fault tolerance to avoid costly outages and business disruptions. Reliable mission-critical analytical applications are important for any organization. Whether it’s real-time financial risk monitoring, on-demand inventory replenishment, or dynamic delivery truck routing; having reliable performance is critical for any data warehouse.

In this Tech Talk we will cover:

  • An overview of a high availability architecture
  • Implementing on premise or in the cloud
  • Improving latency for global applications
  • Configuring high availability with Kinetica (Active-Active, Active-Passive, N+1)
  • Discussion of real-world use cases of HA 
  • A demo of Kinetica HA